Silsacks Shipping Bag

Silsacks are made from Multilayer Cross-Laminated Film, A WORLD STAR award winning film. The Cross Film comprises several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique.The film made from cross lamination is extremely strong yet light weight, flexible & tougher than any other plastic film of comparable weight and thickness.

The type of bags offered by us are :


1. Valve Type Bags.

2. Pillow Type Open Mouth Bags.

3. Flat Bottom Open Mouth Bags.


Indicative Values And Comparisons



♦ Plastic granules ♦ Calcium carbonate.
♦ Confectioneries. ♦ Masterbatches.
♦ Animal feeds. ♦ Leather Tanning Agent.
♦ Feed supplements. ♦ Phosphates.
♦ Cement paints. ♦ PVC compound.
♦ Wax. ♦ Aluminum Chloride.
♦ Oxalic Acid. ♦ Fire Extinguisher Chemicals.
♦ Inorganic compound.

Sacks can be supplied tailor made to suit different applications and size. The Physical Properties are:

♦ Best suited for covering weight upto 25 kgs ♦ 100% waterproof.
♦ Silsack is a seaworthy packing. ♦ Good stackability.
♦ Minimize risk of contamination. ♦ Good shock absorption.
♦ 100% Recyclable and eco friendly. ♦ Good moisture barrier properties.
♦ Printed upto 2 colours. ♦ Material grades 90 / 120 / 150 & 200 GSM.
♦ High tensile strength & elongation ♦ Inert to most chemicals and alkalies.
♦ Suitable for packing wide range of materials. ♦ UV stability.
♦ Micro perforation on request. ♦ UN approval can be given on request.
♦ High degree of impact strength, tear and puncture resistance. ♦ Can be heat sealed only, also which helps in avoiding pilferage.
♦ Good printability as compared to HDPE woven.

Drum – Liners


Silsacks are supplied as drum liner too for packing of grease and chemicals. The drums used, are open mouth from 50 kgs to 200 kgs capacity.

Major advantages:


♦ It saves drums & drum replacement cost, as only liners are to be replaced and not drums.

♦ It protects the product packed from contamination due to rusting of drums and other foreign matter ingression into the products..

♦ Reduces packing cost, (Drum cost) due to secondary Plastic containment.

♦ The product can be easily removed from the drum along with the liner. It avoids the residual loss of the product.

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