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The Silpaulin Industries Limited”XF Division“is an acknowledged leader in the country’s Plastic Tarpaulin (Tarps) industry, with a turnover in excess of `430 Crores.

For over 26 years The Silpaulin Industries Limited “XF Division” has been providing reliable, cost-effective, quality “SILPAULIN” Brand “Multilayered Cross Laminated U.V.Stabilised Films” (Tarps) to be used in various agricultural, industrial applications, and for covering purpose.

The Silpaulin Industries Limited”XF Division“ produces”SILPAULIN” Brand Multilayered Cross Laminated, U.V.Stabilised Plastic Film in India in Technical Collaboration with Rasmussen Polymer Development AG, Switzerland. Ours is a patented technology and limited to only 6 countries in the World. SILPAULIN Brand Films are “WORLDSTAR” Award Winning Film.

The SILPAULINFilm comprises several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique. The film made from Cross lamination is extremely strong yet light weight, flexible & tougher than any other plastic film of comparable weight and thickness.

Processing Capacity:

The company can produce over 27000 MT of Multilayered Cross Laminated Films per annum.

Exporting World Wide:

Silpaulin Product (Cross Laminated Film) has found acceptance overseas in Europe, Pacific Islands, Africa, America and Middle East for different applications.

Powerful Attributes of XF Film

  • Larger Area Coverage.
  • As per IS 14611-1998 standards.
  • 100% recyclable, hence eco friendly.
  • It is all-weatherproof, with the ability to withstand tough climatic extremes.
  • It is specially UV treated to resist radiation, and is inert to most chemicals and acids.
  • It is significant to note that the XF Division has taken customization to exciting new levels.
  • Its unmatched strength apart, Silpaulin also offers the assurance of 100% waterproofing.
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves food grains, grapes and other agricultural produce. Its heat sealed joints further guarantee that there is no leakage whatsoever
  • Its light weight makes it extremely easy to handle, transport and use. Fully recyclable, it is also an environment friendly film..
  • Excellent tensile strength. Tear and puncture resistance help Silpaulin withstand the impact of sharp edges and blunt objects. At the same time, its high elongation and flexibility enable it to be draped over odd shaped objects.
  • Best of all, Silpaulin can be supplied in customized sizes, thicknesses and colors. Films up to 300 Gsm thicknesses and up to 9 feet in seamless width can be ordered.
  • It has exported a single piece sheet, to cover an entire football field, to Europe! And it has also supplied tailor-made integrated machine covers ranging up to 70 feet in length.

Availability of XF Film :

Thickness : Films made in 35, 45, 55, 70, 90, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 Gsm.


Film made in 4ft to 9ft width can be fabricated to a custom made size as per customer’s requirement (Exported cover for football field in 1 piece to Europe).


Film made in 4ft to 9ft width can be fabricated to a custom made size as per customer’s requirement (Exported cover for football field in 1 piece to Europe).